My blog photo explained (again)

About four years ago I did a short post explaining the photograph that graces my blog, Gnashing — the black and white one at the top of the page showing a gaggle of children going bonkers with delirious glee, fear and surprise as they witness something magical, or menacing.

Since then other readers have asked about the picture, and instead of explaining it again, I offer a direct link to that brief blog. It tells you all you need to know about an image I never tire of, a photo that captures such a paroxysm of raw, joyous emotion, you either have to laugh or cry. Go right HERE.

One thought on “My blog photo explained (again)

  1. I can’t stop looking at the boy on the left side. While all the other kids react to the play he covers his ears, obviously annoyed by the screams and noise of his fellow kids. Is he really so much advanced over them, or just a sensitive or grumpy soul among the brutes?
    My guess is he grew up to become an antisocial ass, a karen. 😉

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