Gene Simmons and me

Recently, while sifting through thousands of old photos left behind at my late mother’s home, I came across a shot of me on Halloween, age 11. At that time, I was a fanatical follower of rockers KISS — lustily, irretrievably, hoarding trading cards, t-shirts, records, temporary tattoos, magazines, posters, all of it. 

For shits and giggles, I present to you my tween attempt to be KISS frontman/demon Gene Simmons: 

The real deal.
Me. Hey, I tried.

2 thoughts on “Gene Simmons and me

  1. Identical twins. You and Gene. Hee.
    I was thinking about you doing all that sifting and sorting at your mom’s. It’s not easy stuff. I’m glad you also found time for fine dining. My mom recently moved to independent living and the amount of work required to go through 34 years of accumulation was formidable. Glad you had your brother to help.
    Best always, Anne

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Anne. It really is a gargantuan task, winnowing all that stuff. Now we’re in the condo-selling phase. Almost done! Without my brother, it’d be flatly impossible. Be well! xo, Chris


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