Portugal postcard #2

The Portugal slideshow continued from the previous post

Porto’s Monument Church of St. Francis, a breathtaking Gothic cathedral, one of the gaudiest in Europe, slathered in gold leaf. You could melt the church and make five billion wedding rings. Or five gold chains in Miami.
The River Tagus, view from the mazy, crazy Alfama neighborhood in Lisbon
Porto on the Douro River
Sé Cathedral, Porto
A spotlight of sun on cherub tile
Iberian ham and queso toast at the impressive Time Out Market in Lisbon’s Mercado da Ribeira, a dizzying smorgasbord of the best food from around the city, and I can’t argue with that. My food, from sushi to gelato, was exceptional. I went twice.
Porto. In both this city and Lisbon, stylish graffiti is king.

2 thoughts on “Portugal postcard #2

  1. Chris!
    These photos are stupendous. Now I definitely need to return and see Porto. It looks amazing.
    I am chortling with delight over these Portugal Postcards. What a pleasure to know your doubts were overcome and that you had SUCH fun … despite the exertion required on steep streets, of course. I’m totally envious.
    David and I have a late March trip to Long Island, Bahamas, which I am psyched for, but it’s been so long since I traveled to Europe. Sigh. Maybe in 2023.
    Stay safe. xoxoxo Anne

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    1. Thanks, Anne. I credit you for giving me a gust of positivism and encouragement for the journey. I didn’t make it to Belem Tower, which means I guess I have to go back — darn! I hope you and David have a knockout time in the Bahamas. I’m actually cooking up my next trip, possibly Naples. I’m nutty. Thanks again for the good mojo! Best to you! xoxo


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